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12a - Avernus Sidequests - DDAL09-08 In the Garden of Evil

February 13, 2020

DDAL09-08 In the Garden of Evil

This is the first in a series of three sessions run as sidequests to the hardcover campaign.

DM Jason (AKA Duo the tortle) will be running these which gives everyone a bit of a palette cleanser. These will all be tier 2 Adventurers League one shot adventures. Three of our regular players are away for a variety of reasons so we have two players joining the group.

This Motley Crue consists of:

- Remy "Thunder of God" Dzida-Okielznac - Paladin Divine Soul

- The warrior of winter - Fighter

- Adran - Warlock

- Dragonborn Bard/Paladin

- Alzran Manus - Human Grave Domain Cleric (not the evil kind)

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