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3 - Journey to Elturel - Ch 1 Tale of Two Cities

November 29, 2019

The Night Assembly- a party of adventurers consisting of:

  • Xanaphia (elf Ranger GloomStalker)
  • Dibex (half-elf Warlock Hexblade/Sorcerer) candlekeep investigator
  • *Click Click* (Kenku Bard)
  • Luciene (Fallen Aasimar Paladin) ex Hellrider of Elturel
  • Alloysius (half-elf Wizard/cleric)
  • Gerard StClaire (Tempest Priest)

The group is accompanied by:

  • Falaster Fisk (an investigator out of candle keep)
  • Reya Mantelmourne (Hellrider of Elturel)

We pick up the action when the Night Assembly are trying to find answers to the shield, the puzzlebox, the true intent of Thavius Kreeg and the fate of the citizens of Elturel. More troubling is whether the same fate could befall any other cities!

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