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5 - The Search for Ravenguard - Ch 2 Elturel has Fallen 2

December 20, 2019

Baldurs Gate: Descent into Avernus

Dungeons and Dragons 5E

The Night Assembly have made it to Elturel on the first layer of Hell and they are now trying to make their way across the city in search of any organised defence, leadership, survivors, or clues to how this all occurred.

The Night Assembly- a party of adventurers consisting of:

  • Xanaphia (elf Ranger GloomStalker)
  • Dibex (half-elf Warlock Hexblade/Sorcerer) candlekeep investigator 
  • *Click Click* (Kenku Bard) (lurking in shadows for this entire session)
  • Luciene (Fallen Aasimar Paladin) ex Hellrider of Elturel
  • Alloysius (half-elf Wizard/cleric)
  • Gerard StClaire (Tempest Priest)

The group is accompanied by:

  • Reya Mantelmourne (Hellrider of Elturel)
  • Lulu (tiny golden-haired, celestial, flying elephant)
  • Skreench (morose Vrock that has taken a liking to click click)



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